More often than not, we see writing as a solitary activity: you might have accountability and feedback partners, as well as cheerleaders within reach, but you ultimately control the creative process of your story. But what if you could unlock that creativity even further by partnering with someone else? Have you ever considered collaborative writing? Who would you want to write with? How would you go about it? In this masterclass, two writers discuss how they navigate the joys and sticky parts of co-authoring and publishing a children’s book series.


Gain insights from two writers who wrote and published a successful children's book together as they talk about the beauty of collaboration to create magical content for younger audiences.


Nana Yaa Boakye-Adjei

Nana is a south Londoner, living in Basel Switzerland with her family. Before moving to Basel, Nana and her family lived in Accra Ghana where they would often explore the many beautiful regions of the country. One of the most memorable trips was to the Ankaza Conservation Area. This trip and all the animals seen, were the inspiration for the first book in the Koby and Remi series.

The decision to write children's books really came from a desire to have everyday children's stories, told from a perspective that is relatable for her niece, nephew and son. Their personalities, interest and fashion sense, all make an appearance in this book and will continue to be celebrated throughout the series. Nana hopes that all children will relate to the characters that are brought to life through Koby and Remi's adventures, and would love to hear ideas from other kids that might inspire a new adventure for boys.

Keji Okeowo

Keji Okeowo lives and works in London, UK. When she’s not co-authoring she consults and designs youth programmes in partnership with companies, to offer development opportunities for young people. Keji is a director of Team Hudl, a youth development agency. Keji is the proud mum of a wonderful 6-year-old boy, who is chatty, imaginative and very charming.

Nini and the Big Tree is inspired by him and his love for reading and storytelling. Anything with adventure, mystery, dinosaurs, friends, monsters, magic or aliens is usually a big hit! Helping his mum bring a new story to life has been his best adventure so far! She hopes other children will grow to develop the same passion for storytelling and reading.

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