Throughout her career, Macyline Cannon has held the title of "first woman" in various roles and responsibilities. She constantly sought to balance cultural preservation of the values entrenched in her from youth with the need to embrace independence and autonomy of self. In her debut novel, Marcia shares a melting pot of bittersweet learnings as a mother, professional, philanthropist, and so much more. Join us as we discover, through this book launch, how she has charted her own path - and exceeded expectations while at it.

About the Featured Writer

Macyline Cannon

Macyline Cannon, fondly known as Marcia, was born and bred in Zimbabwe during the colonial era. She attained her university diploma and master's degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management. She has numerous further qualifications in Skills Development Programs, including Relationships Systems Coaching, where she specializes in family, teams, and individual coaching to help clients realize and achieve their optimum.

For decades, Marcia led the care of orphans and abused children in her capacity as Village Director of SOS Children's Homes International and, subsequently, as the Deputy Director of Training for Southern Africa. Currently, Marcia is the Founder and Director of the NGO Uriel One Way Foundation. 
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