In this deeply personal life story, Ethel Sibanda traces the hand of God throughout her 70 years of life, sharing about the love and loss, illness and victory that she has known. She describes how she has learned to accept God's sovereignty and purpose for her life and that in His hands no life is just an ordinary one. She has a passion for seeing people come to salvation, and in this book shares the joys and challenges of both her two decades of work in evangelism ministry and lifetime of personal evangelism and prayer through which she saw her husband, family, friends and many others come to know and love Christ.


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About the Featured Writer

Ethel Sibanda

Ethel Sibanda is retired from evangelism ministry and the author of an autobiography, My Eyes to the Hills. It’s an intensely personal story of a life lived against the backdrop of dramatic change in Zimbabwe - from rural to urban life, a pre- to post-colonial society, and a mono- to a multi-cultural generation. She shows how God has led her through the ebb and flow of a life which has seen tragic loss, cancer and challenge as a single parent of 7 children, but also many joys.

Ethel lives in St. Johns in Canada and enjoys swimming and walking around its lakes. She looks forward to family reunions, which take place every 4 years, in part to see her 19 grandchildren who she calls the delight of her life.

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